Jun 17, 2014

Commercializing 'BlocKing - light in the dark'

한글 버전 링크

I would like to share the way to commercialize 'BlocKing - light in the dark'.
*BlocKing is a beautiful mobile game.

It's due for release on the App Store on June 19th.

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- Free
Our greatest objective is to spread the company name to the world. We set the objective, thinking that it helps not only for our fame but marketing for next work. (Our next work, "MonBang" is under beta test now.)

- Native AD
There are different commercializing strategies in ads. Many games are still using banner ads. As soon as App is executed, pop interstitial AD up or whenever play ends, it shows interstitial AD. All of these methods provide discomfort to users, which are the most afraid part for us.

We selected native ad. It will be much helpful if ad helps play in addition to changing the way to show would be better. So, among special objects, type to increase Tab count is created. Such special objects wear native ad image rather than colors. (Refer to below # Game Method)

Users will feel thankful when looking at special objects native advertisement attached when tab count lacks during play. And favor for this native ad will be helpful to click ad shown on resulted window after play.

- More Games AD
'Other game view' is additional ad commercializing strategy. Also, 'other game view' button has also advantage, making button image like our UI such as native Ads.
Other games have this type of little button at the corner. However, we doubt if the button is efficient. We decided to make this button bigger like banner Ads. However, the button should not be seen all the time but appears naturally along with other UI not to disturb play screen. So, for the time when users don't play games, after certain period of time, it was intended to appear naturally by fade animation. In addition, like other UIs, it disappears together when appreciation mode comes out.
(Refer to below # Game Method)

- iAP (Settlement in App.)
If Ad is sub-dish, iAP is main dish of BlocKing. BlocKing can be enjoyed freely regardless of network or consumed lift.
However, if user misses object to finish game, user can use life item for 'continue'.
Basically, life doesn't reoccur even after certain time. And 'continue' increases the number of life consumed whenever used continuously. User's 'continue' is directly connected to score competition, therefore, competition factor is a key of iAP success. (Refer to below #Update Scheduled) Whenever grades of user are enhanced, by providing with great life compensation, it maintains values of grades and life high. (Refer to below #Update Scheduled)

- Conclusion
BlocKing's commercializing model uses plain formula of iAP + AD. To induce iAP for competition is critical. New advertisement is tried. While updating, diverse commercializing models are going to be applied. (Compensation Ad or additional contents purchasing, etc.)

On this blog, we will upload constant process and results of commercialization and marketing.
Please give more care and interest in BlocKing and DMONGS.

# Game Method

Home : Regardless of scores, cube object can be appreciated.
There are simple interactions to become particles by tabbing cube objects. Unless touching UI for certain period of time, UI disappears since it changes into 'appreciation mode' and only 3D space appears.

Play : Objects fall from upward. They must be blocked before they reach below screen.
Objects are largely divided into common objects and special objects. Common objects should be blocked by creating blocks on the bottom of screen. Special objects should be blocked by blocks or tabs.

Common objects increase numbers which can make blocks whenever they appear from the top. However, special objects don't increase numbers. If special objects run out numbers to make blocks without tab, game will be over.
If special objects are tabbed, the ability of relevant objects will be exercise. Particularly, if special objects native ads are attached are tabbed, numbers to make blocks increase.
Falling objects sometimes change their directions when facing obstacles on the screen, which requires of concentration.
Obstacles change their arrangements or move to animation.

# Update scheduled

The way of play will be added.
The way only common objects fall and the way only special objects fall are under manufacturing.

Obstacles animation will be added.
Obstacles moving up/down/left/right are under manufacturing.

Achievement will be added. By providing with scores and levels to each achievement item, according to total sum, grades are provided to users. This grade can be increased only when games are played well and different BlocKing  are enjoyed. In addition, every certain period, scores and levels of each achievement fall. Therefore, frequent access will be required.
During games, it displays remaining scores to catch up with the friend's top score and compares scores of other friends.